Wheat is a food related item in Stranded, it is used to create bread and other things - scroll down to see the full list. Wheat is an important resource to players when needing a quick source of hunger points as it is the main component in creating bread. It is found in different islands (scroll down for the list), contradictory to it's important role it is very easy to acquire.

Wheat consists of a wheat stalk and a wheat ear.

Method Of Acquiring Edit

It is relatively easy to obtain; go to a wheat stalk and left click to gather it. Easy, huh?


You can plant wheat by equipping a Wheat Ear and planting them on either grass or wheat surface. Wheat takes 4 minutes to grow.

Additional Information Edit

  • Wheat can be found on Mainland.
  • Wheat is used to create bread.

Facts Edit

  • One bushel of wheat contains about 1,000,000 kernels!
  • More food is made with wheat globally than any other cereal grain.
  • A family that consists of 4 could live of the bread produced by an acre of wheat for about 10 years!

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