About Stranded

Stranded is a free to play game on ROBLOX.

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Stranded is a unique survival game, based off Stranded: Episode One which is based off the survival series by Davidii. The actual gameplay is fast paced and quick to pick up on, as the user interface is clean and easy to navigate through and materials and players are found all over the game!

I heard I can help?

Well you heard right!  Anyone can help, to support the game it's recommended to join the Stranded Community group and the Stranded Developer group, but if you don't want to it isn't needed.  The next step is up to you!  If you want to help build then take a look at the set that jobro13 has created.  ! If you have ideas then post on Stranded's comments,  Stranded Community wall or private message Jobro13, Fattycat17, Xulp, or any other developer/community manager! To help improving the wikia, check the wanted pages list!


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