This wiki is intended as general resource for playing the game "Stranded" on ROBLOX . It is intended as game manual and guide in the first place, but also gives some background information and trivia on certain topics.

To make this wiki look like "one whole" and not all seperate pages, please use the following style guidelines:

  • Spelling and grammar is correct
  • Reader is called "you" to keep things personal
  • Pages are categorized: crafts go in crafts, weapon crafts go in both crafts and weapons
  • Every page needs an image, this makes the page more attractive in general
  • Pages are organized. It's not a random story about a certain topic, but it has a robust structure which is easy to navigate

Some further notes:

  • We are all here to help. If someone edits a page you created, this is (in most cases) not them saying "hey, you did this wrong" but it is them saying "hey, nice page, but I got an improvement! :)". If you see someone who is putting junk on pages, please notify an admin.
  • The game is subject to change. Jobro13 will visit this wiki now and often to verify certain information. If you need some background information about some game mechanics (such as "what do paddles do when I equip them in a ship?") shoot Jobro13 a PM.
  • If you are uncertain about adding information to a page, use the "talk" page to discuss it.