Bread as proposed by Maony

Bread is a food item in Stranded, it is commonly created due to its uncostly & quick to make recipe. Bread is a good tuck to have while travelling and residing as it comes in 1 big chunk that provides 100 (will be lowered down later) hunger points, a high total of hunger points when compared to other food.

Statistics Edit

Hunger Thirst DamageType Density
100-temp ------- ---------------- ---------

Recipe Edit

  1. Acquire wheat, then crush it using stone.
  2. After crushing the wheat you will now have flour, water it using a water container.
  3. Next use the dough that you have got and heat the dough using a fire source (do not use the fire source with it too much because it will turn black and burn).
  4. Now you have your freshly baked bread. :)

Bread as currently in-game. From left to right: Bread, Perfect Bread, Seared Bread

Bugs Edit

  • There are no current known bugs.

Extra Facts Edit

  • Sandwiches account for about 50% of Bread consumption; whether bought or home-made!
  • The ancient Egyptians valued bread significantly as they used it as a type of currency they valued it so much that they often placed it in the tombs of the dead!
  • Bakers used to be issued a fine if their loafs were underweight so they added on an extra loaf to every dozen (12) hence came the term "Baker's Dozen".

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